Sharks Pitch Room

Dive into the Entrepreneurial Deep End: Sharks Pitch Room is the ultimate innovation arena, a dynamic "Pitch the Pros" hub where inventors and entrepreneurs brave the waters to showcase their inventions. It's a place where creativity meets strategy, and dreams of market disruption have the chance to become reality.

A Crucible of Creativity and Strategy

"Sharks Pitch Room" is an innovation "Pitch the Pros" hub where inventors dive into the entrepreneurial waters to present their groundbreaking products to a panel of experienced and savvy investors, known as the 'PROS.' In this high-stakes environment, entrepreneurs have 90 seconds to pitch their ideas, showcasing the uniqueness and market potential of their inventions. The "PROS", seasoned business experts and venture capitalists, then grill the inventors with tough questions and negotiate potential deals for a stake in the presented products. The "Sharks Pitch Room" is charged with anticipation, creativity, and strategic thinking, making it an electrifying platform for aspiring inventors to secure crucial funding and mentorship for their ventures.


90 Seconds to Impress

Entrepreneurs are given a mere 90 seconds on the stage - a high-octane opportunity to pitch their groundbreaking products to our panel of "PROS." This is your moment to shine, highlighting the uniqueness, viability, and market potential of your invention in a compelling and concise presentation.

Your Potential Partners in Success

The "PROS" are more than just investors; they are seasoned business experts, venture capitalists, and industry leaders who have navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. With keen insights and a wealth of experience, they're on the lookout for innovative products and ambitious inventors to back. But be prepared – their rigorous scrutiny and challenging questions are not for the faint-hearted.

Funding, Mentorship, and Beyond

Securing a deal in the Sharks Pitch Room opens a gateway to invaluable resources. Beyond funding, entrepreneurs gain access to mentorship, industry connections, and strategic advice from their investor "PROS." It's an opportunity to accelerate growth, refine your business model, and embark on a path to success with the backing of seasoned experts.

Apply to Pitch in the Sharks Pitch Room

Are you ready to dive into the entrepreneurial waters with your invention? The Shark Pitch Room is calling for innovators with the courage to pitch their ideas and the determination to turn them into market-leading ventures. Apply now for the chance to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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