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Discover the heartbeat of Modern Inventor, where our foundation is built on a rich legacy of innovation and leadership in the invention arena. Our commitment is to turn visionary ideas into market-defining and socially impactful products. Learn about our roots, our leadership, and our relentless drive to champion inventors.


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Christopher Guerrera

Mr. Guerrera's career is truly impressive, spanning decades of expertise in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and leadership. His extensive experience in Lean 6 Sigma methodologies highlights his dedication to efficiency and quality in manufacturing processes. Leading teams through new product launches demonstrates his ability to innovate and drive success in competitive markets.

His national media exposure, including appearances on Shark Tank, Good Morning America and hosting product segments on CBS, showcases his ability to communicate and share his knowledge with a broad audience. Collaborating with influential figures like Daymond John and participating in prestigious National product pitching competitions further solidify his reputation as a leader in the industry.

His contributions to notable projects, such as the BMW Z3 and X5 vehicle launches, and his involvement in pioneering advancements like the on-board fuel vapor recovery system for the Ford Taurus, underscore his impact on automotive engineering and manufacturing.

Furthermore, his role as Vice President of the United Inventors Association and involvement in initiatives like his National Modern Inventor “Pitch the Pros" demonstrate his commitment to fostering innovation and supporting aspiring inventors.

Overall, Mr. Guerrera's career highlights his exceptional skills in engineering, manufacturing, and leadership, making him a significant figure in the industry with a lasting impact on innovation and quality.

Carmine Denisco

Carmine Denisco is a successful Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Podcaster, Investor, Patent and Trademark Holder. He has designed, developed and manufactured many products sold in retail Stores, TV shopping channels, online and infomercials some have gone on to be licensed by major chain stores. Denisco is dedicated to helping inventors correctly navigate the invention and manufacturing process, giving each inventor their best shot at success. Earmark Sourcing www.earmarksourcing.com is a privately held product development and manufacturing company with one of the largest and fastest growing inventor networks in the world. As leaders in the industry, it is our goal to disrupt the invention industry by re-imagining the development process into the fastest and most cost-effective way to monetize an invention.


Chris Landano

Mr. Landano was born and raised in Queens, New York and is a Patented Inventor & Retired FDNY Firefighter. His passion for helping others began at the age of 12 and in his late teens he began training as an EMT. A few years later, he was promoted to firefighter and served over 20 years with the FDNY, including 9/11. Mr. Landano retired in 2021 to launch his own invention and follow his passion for protecting inventors through education. He is the co-host for the NYC Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club and an Ambassador for the United Inventors Association (UIA). Mr. Landano plays a key role in advocating for inventors and can be found attending tradeshows and industry events nationwide. 


Joe Huss

Experienced executive and change agent with more than twenty five years of success in Global product development, manufacturing, supply chain, general management, and entrepreneurial business development. Bilingual, English/French and an expert on global and Asian sourcing and product category development. Communicates effectively across cultural divides. Institutes initiatives and carries them out to create positive change, improve efficiency and drive profitability. Lived in Canada, Hong Kong, Shenzhen CHN, have extensive global travel experience and comfortable in any culture and environment.

Transforms organizations within high pressure environments. Builds durable relationships with sales, marketing, operations, and manufacturing teams to drive product quality and marketability up and costs down. Leads successful product development campaigns in environments where growth and accountability are paramount. Extensive qualifications in the following competencies:

Business Strategy Consulting ▪ New Product Launch & Business Development ▪ Global Sourcing & Procurement ▪ Supply Chain Management ▪ Logistics & Transportation ▪ Change Management
▪ Continuous Process Improvement ▪ Operations ▪ Procurement & Quality Assurance ▪ Cross-Cultural Consulting ▪ Project Management & Implementation ▪ Production Control & Reporting ▪ Re-engineering of Mission & Focus


PJ Benoit

Entrepreneurial and passionate about driving dynamic teams on a sustainable path of success, I bring more than thirty years of experience to each engagement. My record of accomplishment spans a diverse range of areas including sales, operations management, and providing senior leadership. Through a combination of data-driven decision making, a keen ability to understand process deficiencies, and understanding of how people—employees, vendors, customers, or partners—impact operations, I offer a track record of multimillion dollar gains, rapid operational turnarounds, and sustainability for organizational infrastructure.


Josh Long

I'm Joshua Long, the founder of Some Web Studio. With over 15 years of experience in web development and design, I've dedicated my career to helping individuals and businesses create beautiful, functional websites. My journey in web development has been driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering high-quality, custom solutions.

At Some Web Studio, I specialize in crafting unique web experiences tailored to each client's specific needs. My approach combines technical expertise with creative design to ensure that every website looks great and performs exceptionally well. I believe in the transformative power of a well-designed website and its ability to enhance a brand's presence and engage its audience.


Cody J Parent

Professional creative portrait and event photographer.

Mr. Parent known for his creativity and grasp that time is of the essence comes from a
background of 10 years in the logistics industry and customer service. Cody is also a client
advisor/brand ambassador and store photographer/social media for Marc Jacobs
Merrimack, NH. His customer service and work ethic knows no bounds. In his time as an
event photographer he has proficiently provided his services at events such as weddings,
parties, and concert venues. More recently the Mohegan Sun arena photographing Ace
Frehley of the band Kiss and his band the Freely Comets that he performs with.

An eye for the moment and aesthetics Mr. Parent aims to provide the utmost
professional and essential work in providing the best client focused digital media possible;
and his lengthy experience in a fast paced customer focused logistics industry has only
bolstered his ability to provide that.

Overall Mr. Parent’s career in multiple sectors of a customer satisfaction based industry
has shown that he is willing and able to exceed all needs. An artist above all Cody cares for
his craft and it shows in his work but more importantly his existence as a creative

Natalie Cruz_hs

Natalie Cruz

I graduated from Saint Leo University in May 2024 with a degree in Sport Business. I currently work as an Operations Coordinator at EarMark Sourcing, specializing in prototyping, product manufacturing, and sourcing. Additionally, I contribute significantly to the operations of the United Inventors Association (UIA) and Modern Inventor, where I plan booth participation at trade shows across the country and help individuals bring their inventions from ideas to market.

In my role at EarMark Sourcing, I coordinate the execution of diverse projects, ensuring they meet our high standards of quality and efficiency. I leverage my expertise in specialized software such as ZohoOne, QuoteWerks, GoldMine, and Microsoft Access to manage project timelines, resources, and stakeholder communication. I also have a flair for digital marketing, which I use to create engaging and appealing visuals for our campaigns. I enjoy working with a dynamic and collaborative team, and I strive to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction to our clients. I am eager to learn new skills and expand my knowledge.

Kelly Shea Headshot

Kelly Shea

Kelly Shea is a dynamic 22-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference through innovation. Inspired by watching Shark Tank as a child, Kelly always dreamed of creating her own inventions. From the moment she had a phone, she started compiling her ideas in the notes section, which today houses over 100 concepts. Some of these ideas are potential future projects, while others are simply stored as inspiration.

At the age of 18, Kelly brought her first invention to life: DripLock. While attending college, she entered pitch competitions to secure funding, ran a successful crowdfunding campaign raising almost $12,000. By the age of 20, had successfully launched DripLock on Amazon, buydriplock.com, and more!

Kelly's entrepreneurial journey has earned her numerous accolades, including the Inno 25 Under 25 award from Orlando Business Journal, being a finalist in the 2022 Global Innovation Awards, and securing finalist positions in pitch competitions such as UCF's The Joust, Big Idea Competition, and the Emerging Category for NAWBO business competition, among others.

Currently, Kelly is working on a new company and developing innovative products while also contributing part-time to the United Inventors Association, an organization she connected with after pitching DripLock at a trade show. Through her work, Kelly aims to support and mentor fellow inventors, just as she was supported in her journey. Her ultimate goal is to make a lasting impact through innovation and creativity.


Nichole Orlando

Nicole Orlando

Nicole is a Sales Executive turned Founder on a mission to shake things up in the home products category. She has a passion for innovation and creativity, which ultimately led her to founding, The Laundry Lab.
With the intention of "making laundry day lighter", Nicole developed The Laundry Lab Bottle, which she says “helps city dwellers like herself tackle laundry day with ease”.
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